Botox - tamer of wrinkles

Botox makes face features look mild and face itself few years younger. However, botox works only on mimic wrinkles. If you want to get rid of those that have arisen as a result of natural slackness and drooping of the skin, you must look for a different method.

Botox or Dysport is actually the trade name of a botulinum toxin – a substance produced by anaerobic Bacillus botulinus bacteria. It is popularly called botulism, because it naturally arises in spoiled meats and canned food. Swallowed venom is a very strong poison, but injected in small amounts into muscles does not have any harmful effects.

The mechanism of botox activity was first used by neurology and ophthalmology. The botulinum toxin was used, among others to remove excessive muscle tension in children suffering from cerebral palsy or people after a stroke. When it was treated with squint, it was noticed that it not only improves the condition of the eyes, but also smoothes wrinkles on the face. Through trial and error, appropriate doses and methods of injecting the preparation were developed, and Botox started his career in the field of aesthetic dermatology in this way. In the world botox treatments began to be performed at the end of the 1980s.

How it works?

Mimic wrinkles arise from excessive muscle activity in certain parts of the face. The muscle contracts when it receives the right signal from the nerve fiber. If we inject botox into it, the nerve will stop sending impulses, and this will lead to inactivity of the muscle. The effect usually lasts about 6 months. Then the action of botulinum toxin slightly weakens, although there are people who notice it for even 8-10 months.

Preparation for botox

You do not need to do any research before the procedure. All you need is a detailed medical history at the beginning of the visit. We will ask you if you do not suffer from a neurological disease consisting of weakening of muscle strength, and whether you are pregnant or breastfeeding. It will also look exactly at your skin. If some inflammation has appeared on it, for example intense acne, treatment will have to be stopped to heal.
Botox is not injected when patient takes analgesics or antipyretics containing blood thinners, such as acetylsalicylic acid. They can promote bruising after insertion. There are also no treatments performed during menstruation – bleeding tendency increases at this time.

What botox does?

With botox we can eliminate:

  • forehead wrinkles – transverse or so-called lions (vertical between the eyebrow arches)
  • crow’s feet
  • wrinkles of the lower eyelid
  • wrinkles above the upper lip (so-called smoker’s lines)
  • wrinkles around the neck
  • raise the falling corners of the mouth

What age is it best to make botox injections?

You can go for a botox treatment, even if you are 25 years old. It is often the case that pronounced mimic wrinkles can already be seen in very young people. In this case, botox injections will also be prophylactic. The less often we will regrow our forehead, the less likely that the wrinkle will become fixed and will be visible in the future without any mimicry.

The beautiful secret behind botox


The surprising benefits of botox

Great advantage of using treatments with the use of botulinum toxin is its relatively low price. It allows to remove or significantly reduce the visibility of even very deep mimic wrinkles. Effects are visible a few days after the treatment and last up to 12 months. In addition, it is completely painless. So let’s opt for botox. My Rejuvenation Clinic offers botox treatments with extremely attractive, affordable prices. Remember that only using professional aesthetic medicine clinic will provide you with full safety during the botox treatment. And remember, you deserve to be beautiful!

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