Mesotherapy instead tummy tuck

Best way to a flat tummy

Many of us know the feeling of disappointment when, despite draconian diet and exercise in the gym,  hated fat does not disappear. It seems impossible to remove excess fat from certain areas. In this situation, it is worth supporting your efforts and sacrifices with more or less invasive procedures, eg needle mesotherapy. In addition, mesotherapy treatment is also used to regenerate and rejuvenate skin, to treat stretch marks, cellulite, as well as hair loss and baldness

Mesotherapy for tummy involves the injection of active substances under the skin of the belly  using thin microneedles, which allow to reduce the number of punctures. Depending on the length of the needle, puncture can reach from superficial layers to the deep layers of skin. The mixture is based on polyvitamin and hyaluronic acid, which dissolves fat cells, after which the fat is removed through the lymphatic system of the body. The treatment is painless and very short, lasting about 20 minutes.

Mesotherapy for tammy - effects and complications

During the mesotherapy treatment, excessive abdominal fat is eliminated. Stretch marks are less visible and the skin becomes elastic and firm. Blood vessels are strengthened and toxic substances are removed from fat cells. In addition, the condition of the connective tissue increases, which improves the appearance of the skin. Mesotherapy is a great solution to get rid of unnecessary fat, remove cellulite and achieve a flat stomach. Of course, all of this should be combined with the right diet and exercise. To achieve the desired effects, five treatments are recommended. The first results are visible after the first operation. Immediately after mesotherapy there may be bruises, minor pain, swelling and petechiae. There are rarely inflammations and allergic reactions, just on the needle itself.

Why is needle mesotherapy bringing such spectacular therapeutic effects?

The skin is a natural barrier to the body, the limit of its permeability is no more than 3 kDa. For comparison, for example, the smallest molecule isolated from hyaluronic acid is 10 kDa. Creams, masks, balms act only in upper stratum corneum, they do not affect dermis, so they also have no effect on collagen building, revitalization, lifting, etc.

Body mesotherapy effectively blocks cellular pulses responsible for absorption of adipose tissue, improves microcirculation, stimulates natural collagen synthesis processes and supports cellular metabolism.

Best body contouring treatment


The principles of mesotherapy

It is recommended to perform a package of treatments to consolidate the effects. Needle mesotherapy is designed to firm the skin and shape the figure, it is also a great way to return to the form after pregnancy.
The perfect treatment for people who, despite the diet and weight loss, do not see the effects of a smaller amount of adipose tissue in the abdomen.

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