Mesotherapy, because it uses healing cocktails, enables effective treatment of hair loss, cellulite removal and even reduction of stretch marks. Treatments and in this case rely on the introduction of active substances into the tissue, only that in the mesotherapy special cocktails are used – mixtures of active substances selected for the problem (cosmetic defect), which are to be fought.

Mesotherapy as alternative treatment

You do not have to give yourself to the surgeon to look beautiful and young. Aesthetic medicine, non-invasive or less invasive (because there is no question of total lack of invasiveness) is dealing better and better with various kinds of aesthetic defects that most of us would like to get rid of.

Mesotherapy, a recent aestetic medicine hit, allows almost painless and minimally invasive correction of any skin changes. From cosmetic defects including upper, external tissues, to changes located in deeper layers.

Needle or needle-free mesotherapy

Mesotherapy can be carried out with the needle and needle-free method, i.e. without disturbing the integrity of the tissues. The treatments, despite their small invasiveness, are extremely effective.

Body modeling without a surgeon

Innovation that surprises

Mesotherapy gives the effect of clearly stretched, stronger and smoother skin is obtained after the first application. Immediately after the first treatment, the skin is visibly and noticeably tighter and stronger. Intensive therapy guarantees obtaining a firm, vital and youthful skin that becomes well tense, more durable, relaxed and smooth.

Efficacy of mesotherapy in facial rejuvenation

Mesotherapy at My Rejuvenation Clinic can be used for every skin. It is especially recommended for skin that is:

  • dry, rough, tired
  • with visible aging or mimic wrinkles
  • with enlarged pores
  • with acne rosacea
  • with scars
  • discoloration eg after sunbathing or an aceric
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