Meso gun painless faster mesotherapy

Revolutionary mesotherapy gun is equipped with a computer system for programming the treatment configuration. A system that easily designs the depth and frequency of punctures and the amount of preparation administered. Precision of action allows the introduction of the preparation in the same amount and at the same depth, which brings the best results in treatment and gives comfort of work.

Areas of use:

  • facial and neck rejuvenation
  • regeneration and improvement of the appearance of the skin
  • treating stretch marks
  • cellulite treatment
  • slimming therapies
  • body contouring therapies
  • prevention of hair loss

Needle mesotherapy

Needle mesotherapy is based on injection of small doses of preparations into the area dermis. Needle mesotherapy is a non-surgical method used for regeneration, improvement of skin appearance, rejuvenation, elimination of cellulite, stretch marks as well as in prevention of baldness. Intradermal injections of active preparation improve microcirculation and increase cellular metabolism. The great popularity of this method results from quickly visible revitalization effects, which affects excellent well-being and customer satisfaction.

Meso gun for professional use

At My Rejuvenation Clinic we perform needle mesotherapy with a professional Mesogun. Mesotherapy treatments are performed on the whole body, depending on the problem. Our mission is to take care of both your appearance as well as your well-being.

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