How to get rid of stubborn fat?

An effective method of fat tissue removal

Lipolysis is currently the most modern method of aesthetic medicine, which allows for non-surgical, durable and effective reduction of fat tissue, consisting in depositing into the fat tissue a mixture of phosphatidylcholine, deoxycholate and eg. l-carnitine or organic silica. Treatments of this type become the world’s alternative to painful procedures like liposuction. It is currently the safest and relatively cheap medical method of effective removal of fat tissue from a given area. For several years, phosphatidylcholine has been successfully used to model body contours.

Body mesotherapy

Correction of changes on the body, such as cellulite or excess body fat are also mesotherapy tasks. Mesotherapy corrects and heals cellulite in all stages, giving satisfactory results. Needle mesotherapy is also a solution for getting rid of persistently accumulated body fat in places such as  buttocks, thighs, abdomen, sides, knees or chin, arms or back.

Beautiful body without stubborn fat

Great effects - healthy body

Eliminating adipose tissue is a non-invasive body shaping, which consists in injecting a substance causing dissolution of fat cells by means of injections.

We use this process to achieve a lifting and anti-aging effect. Multiple, gentle skin punctures during mesotherapy determine the formation of microvessels, through which ampoule with cocktail is appropriately selected for your skin.

What are the effects after 1 treatment of mesotherapy?

  • skin tension
  • hydration
  • shortening of some wrinkles
  • improving the “density” of the skin
  • improvement of microcirculation
  • smoothing the skin

What are the effects after a series of treatments?

  • small wrinkles disappear completely the deeper ones become shallow
  • improvement of voltage, consistency, hydration, skin firmness
  • complexion becomes radiant and is rested, has a healthy color
  • revitalization effects are visible
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