How to get rid of double chin

The double chin blurs the border between the face and neck, making it optically add both years and kilograms. It is seen not only in overweight or elderly people, but also in young and slim people. This means that a number of different factors are responsible for its formation. Here’s what you need to know about methods by which we can get rid of it.

The direct cause of double chin is deposition of fat tissue in this region or sagging of neck skin, which makes the chin begin to hang. Various factors contribute to this state of affairs:

Overweight – resulting from lack of exercise and improper diet – causes accumulation of so-called yellow fat under the chin.
Inheritance – a double chin can be inherited from our ancestors. Then it is caused by brown fat, which is much more difficult to burn compared to yellow fat.
Incorrect posture – slouching, walking with a lowered head and “hiding” it in the arms causes weakness and flaccidity of the neck muscles, as a result of which fat cells in this area begin to grow. This also applies to the attitude we take during sleep. For the appearance of the chin, it is disadvantageous to sleep on a very thick pillow.
The passage of time – with age, our skin loses its moisture, density and tension, which is why it is more easily subjected to the forces of gravity, which makes it loose and loose.

Lipolysis - treatment for a double, drooping chin

Our fight with a double chin usually starts with the use of a diet. Often there are failures at this stage, because adipose tissue within the chin is extremely resistant to removal, especially if double chin is the result of genetic determinants. It is then worth to engage in physical activity. To the chin sagging also contributes improper care of neck skin, that is its inadequate hydration.

If, despite the methods used, our double chin is still doing well, it is worth using aesthetic medicine treatments such as injection lipolysis.

Shape your chin effectively and effortlessly

Injection lipolysis

Eliminating adipose chin tissue (injection lipolysis) is a non-invasive body shaping, which consists in injecting a substance that causes dissolution of fat cells. At the point of injection arises intentional and controlled light inflammation of adipose tissue. “Swollen” cells burst and the fats released from them go to the blood, with which they reach the liver, where they are broken down and then excreted from the body.

Treatments are carried out, depending on individual expectations, 2-6 times, at intervals of 3 to 6 weeks. The effect of a single treatment can be seen after about three weeks. Then you should also make a control visit, during which the plan of subsequent treatments will be determined. Lipolysis is carried out gradually, because one treatment can not give too much of preparation. The degree of fat reduction depends on the region of your body that has undergone treatment.

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