Hair loss solution

Hair mesotherapy - a modern tool in the fight against baldness

One of the most effective methods of stimulating growth of strong and strong hair is mesotherapy. The treatment consists in injecting the scalp with a suitable preparation, adapted to the needs of patient. The special cocktails containing vitamins, amino acids and microelements injected under the skin allows to regenerate weak, gray and thin hair. Cocktails with peptides acts nourishing, stimulating them to grow. As a result, hairs becomes stronger, regenerated, thicker, thicker, more moisturized and shiny. In order for results of mesotherapy with cocktails to be permanent and visible, a series of 3-5 treatments should be performed at intervals of 2-3 weeks.

Mesotherapy with the use of platelet-rich plasma

Mesotherapy with the use of platelet-rich plasma is a therapy indicated both for people with alopecia areata, as well as with extremely weak hairs that require strong nutrition. The platelet-rich concentrate is obtained from patient’s own blood. After local anesthesia of the scalp and blood collection in vacuum, blood is subjected to centrifugation in a laboratory centrifuge. The resulting platelet rich plasma will stimulate bulb to produce new hair. The doctor pulls preparation into the syringe and sniffs patient’s scalp.

It is not a painless but short treatment. A one-time visit lasts from 10 to 15 minutes. After one day  needle stitch is gone and you can perform your daily tasks or go to work. After mesotherapy treatment, platelet-rich plasma grows back new and stronger hair, there are more of them than before – more than one hair grows from one onion. As a result, treatment prevents hair loss and inhibits the balding process. However, you have to wait a bit for the results because the regrowth of a new hair lasts 3 months. For best results it is advisable to perform a series of 3 treatments every 2 months.

Effective hair loss treatment

Head mesotherapy - advantages

The advantage of this method is the possibility of simultaneously puncturing a larger area of the skin with a roller instead of a single needle, which shortens the time and possible painfulness of the procedure. During merotherapy treatment, substances such as organic silica, minoxidol, dexpanthenol and oligoelementin are administered. Thanks to this form of administration, substances acts directly on the hair bulb, stimulating its growth and strengthening the structure.

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