Face slimming mesotherapy non surgical face lift

Needle and needleless mesotherapy is used in medicine for many years. It is a non-surgical procedure, which consists in bringing into the skin the nutritive, healing and regenerating substances.

It is carried out most often by injection into the skin peptides, various vitamin cocktails, minerals, co-enzymes, nucleic acids, reducing agents (free radicals), a preparation containing a water-binding moisturising compound enriched with mannitol and other.

The advantage of mesotherapy is the fact that its use allows you to omit the stratum corneum and provide the active ingredient directly to the living layers of the epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue.

Facial mesotherapy in both cases is especially recommended in the prevention and fight against wrinkles. However, it has many more applications.

In addition to the reduction of wrinkles, it is also performed for the purpose of:

  • face lifting
  • firming and thickening of skin
  • smoothing and elasticizing skin
  • hydration for dry skin
  • raising drooping eyelids
  • correction of pigmentation changes
  • correction of an uneven complexion
  • enhancement of cheekbones
  • reduction of nasolabial folds
  • liquidation of so-called “hamsters”
  • raising falling corners of mouth
  • removal of bags under eyes
  • removal of widened pores and blackheads
  • removal of atrophic scars – after acne, injuries, operations
  • slimming double chin

What is needle and needleless mesotherapy for?

Aesthetic goals of mesotherapy

face mesotherapy

Non-surgical correction of jaw shape

Non-surgical correction of jaw line is based on use of hyaluronic acid in facial modeling. Depending on proportion of the face, dense, cross-linked hyaluronic acid will be administered in the region of jaw to fill the space between chin and falling cheeks. Or – more often – jaw line will smooth and lift thanks to the modeling of higher parts of face, most often thanks to the reconstruction of  lost volume of cheekbones, and even temple and side parts of the face.

Why does fat tissue like to accumulate on face?

Oval look of face depends on many factors, unfortunately the ones we can not influence. Distribution of bones as well as adipose tissue in face is primarily genetically determined. The level of body fat located on face may also be affected by hormones and, of course, overall weight of our body. If we make a decision about weight reduction, unfortunately we can not predict whether or not we will “lose” our face. Mesotherapy may be perfect solution, which in minimally invasive way leads to slimming of cheeks, elimination of second chin or alleviation of jaw line.

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